Israel Perl Mongers

פורסם: 11 במרץ 2010, 8:20 על ידי: Yardena Meymann   [ עודכן 11 במרץ 2010, 8:39 ]
This is the homepage of the Israeli Perl Mongers, a group of people dedicated to the advancement of Perl in Israel. There are other Perl Mongers groups around the world, as well as another group -, here in Israel. Read on below for current news, upcoming meetings and new site content.


We are a Perl user-group located in Jerusalem.
We are Perl programmers, who love this language and are here to help each other by discussing several topics in our mailing list and in our monthly meetings.
We work in a full co-operation with, which is the Israeli Perl Mongers Group.
Jerusalem Perl Mongers meetings take place (more or less) regularly every month. Read about Our last meeting.


Welcome to the Rehovot Perl Mongers group, also known as Anyone is welcome to join: you don't even have to live in Rehovot! There are no fees nor obligations. If you wish to learn Perl, discuss Perl problems or share your Perl knowledge, this is your place.